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Graduate courses

MCG5138 - Corrosion: Principles, Prevention and Control

The effects and economic impact of corrosion. Basic concepts and principles of corrosion. Forms of corrosion. Corrosion recognition and prevention in engineering structures and biomedical implants. Corrosion characteristics of structural and engineering materials. Corrosion control. Corrosion testing and monitoring. Techniques for diagnosis of corrosion failures. 

Undergraduate courses

MCG4328 - Manufacturing 

Metal casting processes. Bulk deformation processes, including rolling, forging, extrusion and drawing. Sheet forming processes. Powder metallurgy. Machining. Joining processes. Laboratory experiments.

MCG2142 - Biological and Engineering Materials II 

Processing, microstructures, mechanical properties and applications of structural ceramics, polymers and fibre composite materials. Microstructure-mechanical properties relationships in hard and soft biological tissues. Corrosion prevention and control in engineering structures and human implant devices. Laboratory experiments.

MCG2542 - Matériaux biologiques et pour l'ingénieur II 

Mise en oeuvre, microstructure, propriétés matérielles et applications des céramiques, polymères et matériaux composites à fibres. Relations entre les propriétés micro structurelles et mécaniques des tissus biologiques durs et mous. Prévention et contrôle de la corrosion en construction mécanique et dans les implants humains. Travaux pratiques.

MCG2360 - Engineering Materials I 

Introduction to structures of engineering metals and their mechanical properties. Defect structures; elastic and plastic deformation, strengthening processes. Introduction to equilibrium phase diagrams. Heat treatment of ferrous alloys. Introduction to fracture, corrosion, welding, and time dependent deformation in metals.

MCG2101 - Introduction to Design 

The design process. Mechanical components-nomenclature and function. Project management. Technical report writing and oral presentations. Group design project.

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