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Eleanor Gerson

Eleanor is a Master's student studying Biomedical Engineering. She received her B.A.Sc. in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. Her research focuses on haemodynamics and the influence of microfluidic channel geometry and material on cell interactions. More specifically, she is currently working on the development of a microfluidics system to model human blood vessel networks.In her spare time, Eleanor enjoys hiking, eating Thai food, and hanging out with her two cats.

William Ho

William is a Master’s student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, majoring in Biology with a minor in Economics.  His previous experience in nanotechnology includes a lab placement at the Harvard Medical School, where he co-authored a review centered on cancer nanomedicine.  His current research focuses on the effects of nanotopography and cellular focal adhesions; he aims at illuminating their fundamental role in cell signaling and behaviour through ultra-high resolution microscopy techniques. In his spare time he enjoys performing guitar (and singing) at open mic nights at venues around the city. 

Andrew Irwin

Andrew is a Master's student in Biomedical Engineering. He graduated from Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University in June of 2014. He now works on the Optimization of Drug Elution using Biodegradable Metals in Coronary Artery Stents. Andrew entered into his masters degree after first spending time after his undergraduate degree working in the Nuclear and Mining industries spending time working with engineering design and management. Andrew was Vice President of the Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society during his undergraduate studies and is now the Vice President of Ottawa Mechanical Graduate Engineering Society and social director of the Canadian Biomaterials Society

Dilara Jakupovic

Dilara is a Master's student in Biomedical Engineering. She received her B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and her B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa. Her current research focuses on the the design of nanostructured polymeric substrates for application in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. In particular, her project focuses on the creation of polymeric platforms to favour   long-term adhesion, dispersed cellular binding and optimal activity of enteric neurons. Away from the lab, Dilara can be found creating new recipes, rock climbing, and spinning.

Usman Syed

Usman is a Master’s student studying Biomedical Engineering. He received his BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA following which he worked at the Rothman Institute conducting basic and clinical science studies in the field of orthopedics. His research now focuses on using correlative Raman and AFM imaging techniques to study neuron and cartilage degeneration specifically in Alzheimer’s disease and osteochondritis dissecans lesions. In his spare time, Usman enjoys running and staying active, exploring new cuisines and restaurants, and reading subjects from philosophy to sports science.

Alex Steeves

Alex is a Master's student in Biomedical Engineering. He received his Honours BSc in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. Leveraging his experience in cell biology and biochemistry, his current research focuses on the in vitro response of osteoblastic and endothelial cells on biocompatible metals and bioactive polymers. When not in the lab, he enjoys spending his free time in the gym or volunteering in student organizations and STEM education initiatives. He is currently the President of the uOttawa Mechanical Engineering Society, Engineering Team Leader of Let’s Talk Science as well as President of the Canadian Biomaterials Society (Ottawa Student Chapter).

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